Modern Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Packages Brisbane

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Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Package Brisbane

Don’t just imagine living in your dream home in Brisbane; make it a reality with our highly affordable home and renovation packages. Whether you are planning to shift into a new home or just want to transform your old, congested bathroom and kitchen into new, spacious ones, our highly competitive packages are available for your satisfaction. The aim of our renovation package is not only to help you live in your dream home but also to save you money.

About Our Modern Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Brisbane

At Karami, we believe that the bathroom and kitchen are two important areas of any house where space and comfort are as important as in the bedroom. However, the sad reality is that these areas are often overlooked by many homeowners and their family members due to budget constraints. Especially in a city like Brisbane, where the costs of high-quality wood, premium tiles, marble, and all the required materials for bathroom and kitchen modernisation are quite expensive, it makes sense for many people to drop the idea of redesigning these spaces. Thanks to our specialised renovation package, all these money-related concerns have now been made obsolete, making the purchase of all essential materials and products for bathroom and kitchen renovation possible.

Best Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Brisbane

We firmly believe that everyone should have access to a smart, spacious, and functional bathroom and kitchen. Actually, we don’t just believe it; we have been working on it since the company was founded in 2012, offering low-cost yet high-quality renovation services. The best renovation package is often characterised by its cost-effectiveness. The more it saves the homeowner’s money without compromising on quality, the better it is. With this in mind, our expert project managers, designers, engineers, and purchasing team got together to create a plan that could make possible what seemed impossible in the home renovation industry until the rollout of our super money-saving package for bathroom and kitchen renovation in Brisbane. The key to the plan was becoming a partner of manufacturers of different materials required to renovate a house, including the bathroom and kitchen. This means we buy different household products, raw materials, and stuff directly from their manufacturers in bulk quantities. As a result, we are able to offer the best renovation services at a low cost.

What Is Included in Our All-Inclusive Renovation Packages

Some people think that high-quality products from top-rated manufacturers should be used in all types of renovation work to ensure long-lasting results. Many others think that the cost of bathroom or kitchen renovation should be lower, even if it means using cheaper products to save money. Well, the good news is that Karami’s renovation package offers both benefits – the best quality products at lower rates. As we are the most reputable home interior designing and redesigning company in Brisbane, we are obsessed with offering A-to-Z renovation solutions under one package, including:

  • Redesigning, planning, and consultation with the homeowner.
  • Demolition and repair of old structures as per plan.
  • Ceiling, walls, and flooring renovation of the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Electrical fitting, connection, rewiring, and changing switches, plugs, and installation of new light systems.
  • Water pipes, sink, bathtub, toilet seat, faucets, and all plumbing reinstallation in the bathroom.
  • Installation of racks, cabinets, counters, exhaust fans, and chimneys (smoke outlets) in the kitchen.
  • All painting and finishing jobs in all areas of the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Fulfilling all other special needs as mentioned by the customer in the agreement.
Cost of Our Package

The cost of our bathroom and kitchen renovation package depends upon the size, type, and level of restoration work you need. Feel free to get in touch with us to get a free quotation made as per your requirements and suits your budget perfectly. It is worth noting that our “modern bathroom and kitchen renovation packages Brisbane” are available for a limited time. Consider contacting us as early as possible to avail the benefits of our highly cost-effective package.